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We have been making preparation for the new season ahead expecting many people from all over to visit Corfu. We have been spring cleaning our buses and making sure they are in tip top condition ready to receive you, here is one of our coaches going in for a wash ready for the summer season to go into full swing.

For the last 6 weeks we have been telling you all about our transport services and the coaches we have getting you around the island on time and in comfort. Well let us reiterate our message just incase you are new to our travel agency, our management have 20 plus years in the transfer and vehicle transport services on Corfu, we have over 10 first class coaches ready to get you where you need to be, why are we mentioning this again, it is simple, we are saying you can trust us to give you a high class service.

Here are a few photos of our coaches picking up passengers from Corfu Airport transferring people to resorts all over the island.

It does not matter where you need to go on the island we will get you there. We know every hotel there is on the island no matter how big or how small the hotel is, if you are staying in apartments, no sweat, we will get you to any apartment building you need to get to.
Not only are we always on time but we are always serving our customers needs by offering our transfer services at the right affordable prices, we will not be beaten on price and will beat any quote. So get in touch and give us a try and we promise to meet all of your expectations you have with our travel agency.

Our contact details are below.

e. info@awesomecorfu.gr

t. +30 6979 987 997


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