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We can get you transferred to Acharavi, Agios
Gordis, Agios Stefanos and Alykes Potamou

We can get you transferred to wherever you need to be on our magnificent island from Corfu Airport. We have the safest drivers, coaches and vehicles of all types to get you safely where you need to be, here are a few photos of a handful of our high quality vehicles.

Now we are going to look at five resorts Acharavi, Agios Gordis, Agios Stefanos and Alykes Potamou, here we let you know a little more about each resort.

A little bit about Acharavi

Achavari have a beautiful beach to enjoy and is safe to swim due to its shallow levels, the beach is patrolled by lifeguards and notices issued to let you know about the tide and currents.

There are plenty of activities to do on the beach from water sports and you’ll have plenty of boat hire options, there is also a local waterpark near by where you can take the family for a day out. You will not have long to walk to find a number of high-quality restaurants offering the finest local cuisine.

A little bit about Agios Gordis

Agios Gordis have wonderful panoramic views of Orthlithi and is located on the west of Corfu. Not only are there amazing panoramic views but also stunning views in the night of the village lit up directly below the resort.

You will not have long to walk to find a number of high-quality tavernas and restaurants offering the finest local cuisine, there are also plenty of food restaurant options along the beach offering the best local produce Corfu has to offer.

A little bit about Agios Ioannis

Agios Ioannis is only a short ride to the old town, however in Agios Ioannis there are many restaurants in the resort itself. Agios Ioannis is located on the east coast of Corfu and it is ideal for all kinds of tourists such as couples, families and the elderly.

Agios Ioannis is known for its quieter holidays and hotels are situated mainly on the beach front where the beach is very clean and popular for swimming.

A little bit about Agios Stefanos

Agios Stefanos is known for its community feel from the locals where you will receive a warm welcome from shops owners and restaurant owners.

Agios Stefanos have some of the best beaches on the island this makes it a popular resort for couples and families of all sizes. Agios Stefanos have everything you need on the beach from sun loungers sun umbrellas available for rent at fair affordable prices.

A little bit about Alykes Potamou

Alykes Potamou have amazing beaches but it is also known for its safe access as the depth of the beach is shallow for up to 20 meters.

The beaches also have a variety of water sports activities that help keep you entertained, the beaches also have restaurants and café’ to cool off after a warm sunbathing stint on the beach.

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If you need airport transfers and transport from Corfu airport to any resort on the island then get in touch, we have over 20+ years experience getting people to where they need to be on the island from Corfu Airport.

We are happy to book you on one of our high-quality coaches or buses to get you where you need to be in comfort and always on time so you don’t miss a minute of your stay on Corfu. Our contact details are below.

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