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Relax on the beaches of Paleokastritsa,
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Here we look at the beautiful beaches of Paleokastritsa. The green scenic views of the trees and mountains in the background offer the perfect environment to relax in the sun or you can go and explore on the boat excursions and tours organised from the beach.

Here are photos of some of the beautiful beaches and coves Paleokastritsa offer.

Paleokastritsa is a great place to visit for a day in front of the sun with plenty of things to do and plenty of places to enjoy a spot of lunch and enjoy some classic Greek food.

Not only does Paleokastritsa have great beaches, scenery and beautiful views but it has great history to. If sitting and laying down in the sun all day is not your thing then in the cliff tops of Paleokastritsa there is an abundance of history inside the Paleokastritsa Monastery. Here are a number of photos to give you an idea of the monastery and some of the monks that live within the monastery to this day.

The monastery was built in 1225 and has survived almost seven centuries. The building has been modernised to 18th and 19th century standards but has maintained all of the Greek architecture and has living facilities for the monks who live within the monastery. Within the buildings there is a museum that displays the history of the monastery along with holy books dating back to the 15th and 18th centuries.

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